About Rage and Change – and a Souls Call

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  • Soul Art

Today I´m raging.
About people, forcing their views onto others.
About people, abusing their power.
About people, violating others.
About people, righteous and blind.

Today I´m raging.
About stories, unconciously continued.
About wounds, passed on and on and on.
About oppression, only varying by who is on top.
About pain, inflicted by greed and arrogance.

STOP! No more.
It´s enough!

Nature, Mother Earth, animals, children, humans –
all our souls have suffered enough.
It´s time for change.
And so I´m calling in the


Courageous enough to start debunking their own stories.
Strong enough to heal their wounds, for past and future generations, for the world.
Humble enough to lose their privileges and rise up to harmony, connection and community.
Wise enough to unlearn the programmes of lack and fight and limitedness.
Longing enough to receive and accept the unlimited abundance, love and joy of the universe.
And ready, oh so ready to finally set their true self free 🗝

I´m calling YOU in.

Are you a Soul of Change?

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